Stuff, as well as Thins.



I wonder if this thing converts links to html, or if I have to do it on my own. is an interesting story, if you can suffer through the legalese-type stuff to the end.
posted by Traxus 3:19 PM


Yay, internet at apartment. Still this fun bluish color though. Ah well, nobody reads this anyways. Maybe I should find a guestbook script somewhere.
posted by Traxus 10:05 PM


Eh, I suppose this color will have to do, since I'm sick of html already.
posted by Traxus 7:07 PM

Trying to make this not suck. Hooray for technology, I guess.
posted by Traxus 6:50 PM

Now, to work on this pile of crap they call a template.
posted by Traxus 6:47 PM

Wahaha, I forgot about the www/ in my ftp path. Maybe thins work now!
posted by Traxus 6:42 PM

And now this crap isn't even working properly. Maybe it'll eventually work. yeah, right.
posted by Traxus 3:27 AM

So all of the preformatted templates look like ass. Also, I have no idea why I'm doing this... guess I'm just really bored.
posted by Traxus 3:19 AM

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